Day 4 of 30 Day Cleanse: Chomp Chomp Got to Eat

Fresh Food on a cutting board

**I am currently on Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living Detox cleanse. I don't trust myself that I won't cheat (really, how long can I go without coffee??) and to hold myself accountable, I am forcing myself to sit down each day and tell my day as it was.***

Well, I never thought that I would come to the conclusion that I must eat more. Turns out that when I am not mindlessly eating samples at yoga studios, chowing down on bread and cheese, scooping up handfuls of chocolate chips, but filling my plate with fresh, whole foods, I need lots of food. And, truth be told, I love to eat.

I was hungry today. The oatmeal in the morning, the mid-morning shake, the lunch I wasn't enough. My body wants more calories and I am fine with being a grazer throughout my day. In fact, I welcome it. 

Plus, I like the robust taste of the dishes I have been making the last few days. I enjoy the flavor of the recipes provided for me on this cleanse. Full of spices, fresh vegetables, and new dishes, my palate is waking up. Recognizing that my buds seem to dull with the same flavors and meals, I wonder if my whole life has a tepid and bland quality. What happens if I add some zest and spice to my life by moving out of what I know, what is comfortable, and what is already accepted?