Day 7 of 30 Day Cleanse: Gotta go Shopping But It's So Fun Not Going

Blueberry picking with Atticus

**I am currently on Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living Detox cleanse. I don't trust myself that I won't cheat (really, how long can I go without coffee??) and to hold myself accountable, I am forcing myself to sit down each day and tell my day as it was.***

My lack of organization and penchant for procrastination in different aspects of my life are becoming apparent. Coming home to no food in the house takes on a whole new meaning when I can't eat the boxed granola bar, make a quesadilla, or resort the full-gluten backup spaghetti for times. I wonder how much my energy levels are rising because I am not eating these meals. 

With all my new found energy I am getting so much more done. I am making that phone call that terrifies me, saying no to overextending myself, and, therefore, spending more time looking for bugs and berries with my son. One of my best memories ever occurred yesterday: Atticus was playing in his sandbox, and after doing most of my work by 8a (lots of energy people! I am not kidding when I say I have lots of energy), I went  and put my yoga mat next to him. I had my tea and my journal. Atticus wanted tea too. We sat on my yoga may and drank tea together at 8:15a in the morning. It was awesome and how I want my life to be - everyday

Since I am so energized during the day, I find that when my day is over, I am exhausted. Like done exhausted. I don't want to talk tired.  I then turn to drinking my detox tea and reading in bed before a night of dreams. 

I am really digging my life this past week.