Day 9 of 30 Day Cleanse: Oh! Urges! Damn You!


Last night at the Wild Women Dining Event hosted by the inspiring Danielle Savory Huff. She spoke of a study where researchers examined people's brains when they indulged in instant gratification and when they made decisions based on their long-term vision. Our immediate gratification is linked with emotional appeasement while our choices for delayed-gratification are more logic driven.

Several times today , I had the urge to say "F#*^ this cleanse. I wanted things to be easy, I wanted to eat some chocolate chips or have a cheese sandwich. Shit, I even wanted to buy a coffee a few times during this rainy day. Every time, I had to stop and really look at my cravings, desires, and motivations for wanting my object of desire. I had continually re-evaluate why I was doing this cleanse and what it would mean to me to quit. 

I wonder how often I do this in life. Is my habit to be excited for one week and then say “Screw it!” the moment I meet up with obstacles, desires, or not-perfect experiences? 

Last night we discussed what we want this for this year. I have so many dreams that require I get uncomfortable over and over and over. I must recognized when the desire to throw in the towel is simply because I am met with resistance or discomfort.

How about you: How do you react when faced with discomfort?