Are you ready to get into better health? NOW is the perfect time to REBOOT your system. Healthy living means really living. It is not about making radical changes, it is about making sustainable changes. 

Our body naturally detoxifies, but when the balance is off our system can't keep up and our internal systems are under stress and in conflict. Through our environment, personal care products, and the food we eat, most of us have 200+ toxic chemicals in our system at any given time. In order to protect your organs, your body works for you by pulling toxins away and storing them in fat cells. This places major strain on your system and negatively impacts your ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Through this program you’ll learn how to make better choices for your health and feel great! During our entire time together you will eat WHOLE, REAL, UNPROCESSED FOODS and we will be using Arbonne's 100% gluten-free, vegan certified  nutritional products to promote natural detoxification, cleansing, and elimination. Learn to identify allergenic, addictive, and acidic foods that contribute to mood swings, cravings, digestive issues, bloating, nausea, and inflammation. 

Each day you will follow a complete meal plan which includes eating at regular intervals, balanced and purposeful nutrition, supplementing and/or replacing some meals with nutrient-rich protein shakes, and increasing your water intake to help flush the toxins being released.

It's a simple wellness plan and will deliver everything you need to reboot your system in a way that is healthy and safe. This program, tailored to your lifestyle and desired results, will walk you through 30 days to a better YOU!



  • Complete 4-week meal plan that you can altar for your lifestyle
  • Daily Emails
  • Coaching and Accountability
  • Weekly Recipes and grocery lists
  • WHAT YOU GET in your Arbonne Kit:
    • 60 vegan protein shakes
    • 60 energy fizz sticks (replace coffee)
    • 30 servings of digestion plus
    • 30 servings of fiber,
    • 40 detox teas
    • 7 day body cleanse
    • Greens Balance
    • Free Shipping

COST: $289.60 (+tax where applicable))



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The first time I saw Chaturanga Dandasana, I thought "She [my teacher] has got to be kidding!" She wasn't. When I got hooked on yoga, I was at my studio yoga 5-6 days a week. And I thought I had the best chaturanga dandasana. It wasn't until I was in teacher training that I learned I KNEW NOTHING about this super hard and very common pose.  

Without proper alignment, overtime Chaturanga Danadasana can lead to bodily injuries. Done correctly Chaturanga Dandasana  strengthens your entire body, builds concentration and  prepares you for inversions. In this workshop we will break down chaturanga dandasana, learn to effectively "do a vinyasa," and strengthen your understanding of this keystone posture.  

Feb 2, 2018: 2p-4p
The People's Yoga (N Mississippi Location)

How often do you set an intention or goal and forget about it hours or days later? This is because your habitual behaviors often overpower any surface-level intention for change. To really overhaul your behaviors, you must start the transformation at the subconscious level. The subconscious is stored in the chakras in your body.

The chakra system is an ancient map detailing the energetic centers of your body. This system provides us with tools to respond to life’s challenges. At an energetic level, your body stores your life experiences. By understanding, aligning, and balancing your seven major chakras, you can begin the process of healing and transformations that you desire. As a result you will feel more energetic and balanced.

Join Kimi Marin to learn about, activate and align your chakras with a discussion followed by a 2-hr vinyasa flow class designed to specifically to address each chakra. Come ready for discussion, asana, meditation, pranayama, and some chanting. 

February 17th: 1p-4p at Yoga Bhoga

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“Kimi seamlessly infuses her dynamic yoga classes with storytelling, allowing students to experience themselves through the lens of yogic wisdom.”

— Sara P. 

“How does one describe the Kimi Marin experience?! She is both a gifted teacher and storyteller. Her classes are on point and always respectful of boundaries — while encouraging us to challenge ourselves and our practice both on and off the mat. My practice is so much better since Kimi came into my life!”

— Erin D.

“Kimi is a special yoga teacher with a deep appreciation and understanding of Hindu mythology, which helps her students to move the yoga practice beyond a form of mere physical exercise.” 

— Yong Y.