Fit For Fall: 10 Day Body Reset

 Photo by: takahiro-sakamoto on Unsplash

Photo by: takahiro-sakamoto on Unsplash

As we head into the autumn, the temperature is moving from hot, long days to cold, crisp ones. During this time of transition, your body is working through the toxic overload from the summer and preparing to hunker down for winter. As your body works to release the toxic overload people find themselves get overly fatigued, sick, headaches, body aches, and anxious. 

In an effort to support our body’s natural processes, it’s very helpful to undergo a gentle cleanse at this time. Some benefits of gentle cleansing include:

  • Improved skin clarity

  • Improved digestion

  • Increased energy

  • Improved Immune function

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Improved thinking

  • Mild weight loss

    October 22nd, I am leading a 10 Day Fit for Fall Body Reset.

    Each day you will follow a plan which includes eating balanced and purposeful nutrition. With daily emails, recipes, and support you will follow an eating regimen which eliminates the most toxic and sensitivity-causing foods and beverages, we will use a combination of Arbonne's 100% gluten-free, vegan certified nutrition to support gentle elimination, and you will eat WHOLE, REAL, UNPROCESSED FOODS to increase your nutrient intake and help you look and feel great from the inside-out!
    It's a simple wellness plan and will deliver everything you need to reset your system in a way that is healthy and safe. 


  • Coaching and Accountability

  • Recipes and Grocery Lists

  • Nutritional supplements

JOIN ME TODAY for $157 (+tax where applicable)!

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Reclaiming Sexual Power:

A Yoga Workshop for Women


Are you experiencing a low libido?

Does sexual intimacy seem like a chore?

Do you hide your naked body behind sheets, towels, or the dark?

Then it is time to reclaim your sexual power!

Historically, feminine sexual power was associated with the temptress or femme fatale archetype and portrayed negatively.. When we, as women, hide or deny our sexual nature, we suppress a natural part of ourselves. To be sexually intune with your body is to allow intimacy, in its myriad of forms, into your life.

In this workshop, join Clinical Sexologist Kristine D’Angelo and Yoga Therapist Kimi Marin as they teach you how to put the pep back in your libido. Through instructor lead discussions and yoga movements you'll learn how to:

Find more pleasure in your own personal pleasure or with a partner

Remove inhibitions in relation to your sexuality

Embrace your body to become more confident and comfortable in your desires

Pelvic floor and how it relates to your sexual health

When: November 3, 2018
Time: 12p-4p
Where: Eyem Movement Studio (Portland, OR) 



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“Kimi seamlessly infuses her dynamic yoga classes with storytelling, allowing students to experience themselves through the lens of yogic wisdom.”

— Sara P. 

“How does one describe the Kimi Marin experience?! She is both a gifted teacher and storyteller. Her classes are on point and always respectful of boundaries — while encouraging us to challenge ourselves and our practice both on and off the mat. My practice is so much better since Kimi came into my life!”

— Erin D.

“Kimi is a special yoga teacher with a deep appreciation and understanding of Hindu mythology, which helps her students to move the yoga practice beyond a form of mere physical exercise.”

— Yong Y.