Yogic Lore Flow™ is a synthesis of movement and myth.

Mythology is a narrative that is believed to have taken place in the ancient past and explains how the world and all its inhabitants came into existence. The asanas we regularly move into are steeped in a rich tradition of story and myth.

I love to share mythology. I believe it is one of the best tools to understand ourselves better and the world around us. Mythology is another tool for students understand the roots of their suffering and to continuously connect with their inner source of joy.

I love being invited to speak and share my knowledge at Yogic Lore Flow workshops and at yoga teacher training programs. I have taught mythology modules at the 200 and 300 hour level.  I believe that it is a great service for yoga teachers to know the background of yoga in the realm of history, philosophy, anatomically, and the mythic roots of the poses.


In my transformative Yogic Lore Flow™ classes, I integrate a hatha flow practice with mudras, pranayama, and meditation, as students flow to the stories that inspired the poses. With a master’s degree in literature and a passion for mythology, when I teach I transmit the stories that underlie the poses on a physical, spiritual, and cultural level.  By allowing students to hear the stories of the poses as they take shapes, students discover an internal and external connection of energy and movement.


  • Yogic Lore Flow: The Stories Behind the Poses
  • Yogic Lore Flow: The Goddesses
  • Yogic Lore Flow: The Wisdom of the Sages
  • Yogic Lore Flow: The Love Stories
  • Yogic Lore Flow: Hanuman
  • Yogic Lore Flow: Kali


Yes! Although my most popular course is Adventures in Archetypes, I have also taught courses on individual deities, how-to sequence and theme a vinyasa class. I am open to working with you to tailor my offering to work around your vision, your training, and your student’s learning.

Here are descriptions of my two most popular teacher training offerings:

Adventures in Archetypes

Mythology is a narrative that explains how the world, and all its inhabitants, came to exist and are often used to teach and establish behavioral models.  Similarly in yoga, the poses we embody are part of a richly diverse spiritual tradition. Many of the philosophies, rituals, and poses of yoga are adapted from various texts and myths.

In this session, you will discover the mythic deities, sages, and animals that inspired the asanas.

Kimi Marin will tell the stories that inspired the yoga poses as well as discuss the greater implication of these stories on a conscious and subconscious level and how they are mirrors of your own life experience. You will learn how to theme a class around these myths and which mudras correspond to the stories. The session will culminate with an hour practice that will help you experience the myths in your body and psyche.

Yogic Lore: Myths and Meanings

Yoga is deep rooted in a tradition of mythology. Being familiar with themythology behind the yoga poses can enhance your experience as both a yoga student and yoga teacher. In this session, you will learn several myths, form a deeper understanding of popular mythic deities, and get acquainted with the poses associated with them. You will learn the symbolism of the asanas  in relation to these myths and deities and how to incorporate this knowledge into your classes and as tools to further your student’s self-discovery.


Easy! Contact Kimi at Kimi@Kimimarinyoga.com and let me answer any of your questions!


For a divinely supreme way to spend an 60-90 minutes head to a KIMI MARIN yoga class where myth and magic are interwoven with breathe and flowing movement. Polite suggestion:  GET YA sOMe” ~ Willow OBrien of Pixie RetrEAT RAW’r Laboratorie & Makery

When I look back on my Yogic Lore experience, my mind dances between the real and the surreal. It's an intimate space where the physical reality of poses and the imaginative worlds reflected in stories blend into one. In one word, the experience was simply magical.” – Jeremy S.“I was completely blown away by Kimi's yogic lore workshop. The choice of stories and the way she intertwined them throughout the practice, the vigorous flow sequences that allowed for time to really let the stories sink in and embody the characters, the subtle music, and Kimi's genuine, vivid, and knowledgeable storytelling style - everything blended together perfectly. I can tell she put a lot of thought and creativity into preparing for those two hours. Since the workshop, I also notice myself coming back to the stories during practice - they give me something to focus on and add depth to the asana. If Kimi ever offers another yogic lore workshop, I'll definitely want to join her again.” –Andrea B.

"I have had the wonderful fortune of working with Kimi on many occasions.  We’ve participated in the same conferences, festivals and I’ve also invited her in to present at my teacher training programs, Elevate Yoga Trainings.  Kimi beautifully presents Yogic Lore with her deep knowledge, a great sense of authenticity and humor.  She is extremely engaging and incorporates lecture, yoga and interactive exercises to reinforce her teachings.  It’s always so much fun!  I love this woman very much!" ~Jill K. Elevate Teacher Trainings, Portland, OR

"Kimi Marin was a guest presenter on Deity, Mudra, Mantra and deconstructing vinyasa sequencing at our 200 hour Yoga Alliance recognized Essential Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Boise, Idaho.  We enjoyed her down to earth style.  Very warm and authentic.  Kimi was able to integrate and reference our signature vinyasa series over and over again as she taught.  This helped our student teachers make sense of what can sometimes be abstract eastern theology.  Kimi offers an intelligent, well rounded and light hearted view of yoga.  We look forward to having her back!" ~Naomi J. Essential Hot Yoga Teacher Training, Boise, Id

"I had the good fortune to meet Kimi through the global Shiva Rea program.  Since then, I have admirably watched Kimi live her dharma both as a yoga professional and as a mother. Kimi’s Yogic Lore workshops are an integral part of the 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training programs that I lead. Each session is steeped in yogic myth and philosophy.  She is a master of seamlessly weaving the ancient stories throughout the asana class in a way that inspires and uplifts. I am always moved by this fresh and unique approach to learning and moving through asana.  Kimi’s Yogic Lore workshops provide a vital link between yoga tradition in a modern world." ~Allison D.  Karma Yoga 300 hr Teacher Training, Calackamas, OR and Thrive Yoga 200 hr Teacher Training, Oregon City, OR