I am founder of Yogic Lore Flow™, a storyteller, writer, and yoga therapist. I also have my own health, wellness, and beauty business with Arbonne. My intention in life is to provide the tools for people to be healthy in their body, mind, and spirit. In both my businesses, I work to help people feel better in their bodies, experience pain-free movement, and make choices that benefit their overall quality of life.  

I discovered yoga looking for an activity to complement my running. Over time, yoga became less of a complementary activity and more of a way of life. I began to see how my yoga practice reduced stress levels, lessened the constant mind chatter, and helped me not only to build physical and mental strength but also slow down in a rushed life.

I teach yoga with the mind frame that you can only begin from where you are and work to help others find clarity in their mind, body and spirit. When you come to my class you will be met right where you are and be guided through a fun, yet challenging, flow sequence. Inspired by the continuous flow of breath through the body, I will guide you through your practice by riding the waves of your breath to continually align your breath and body into a rhythmic flow of consciousness.

Helping people heal their bodies and focus their minds hasn't been enough. After taking a long look at what I was putting on, and in, my body, I realized that to fully offer a holistic approach I need to offer more to people. I was introduced to Arbonne's botanically based products and fell in love with the mission, values, and products of Arbonne and want to share them with the world.  Arbonne has given me a new focus and peace of mind.

I have a Masters Degree in literature and love to combine the power of stories with my love for yoga. I often weave in the myths and stories about various poses into the class allowing students to fully encapsulate the postures and embody their spirit.

Join me and feel empowered as you transform your body, mind, and spirit!

Contact me at Kimi@Kimimarinyoga.com